Fishing in Helsinki’s water areas

Fly fishing (odd days)

Lure fishing (even days)

Common rules for both types of fishing in the rapids area

  • fishing from bridges and boats is prohibited
  • the permit entitles you to use one rod at a time
  • fishing lines and rubbish must be put in the trash
  • bottom dimensions of fish: salmon 60 cm, trout 60 cm and zander 42 cm (top dimension 70 cm)
  • catch quotas: whitefish, salmon, trout, rainbow trout, pike, pike and zander; 3 fish / fishing shift, one of which may be trout or salmon cut with fat fins
  • winter eggs (salmon/trout landing in the sea from the pond) must be released
  • salmon, trout and whitefish have been calmed on 1.9. - 30.11. in the period between when the upper rapids are completely closed to fishing. During whitefish fishing, there are no separate fly or lure days.
  • there is a ban on wading in the rapids on September 1. - 31.5, at other times it is recommended to avoid wading.
  • you can hold one fishing spot for 15 minutes, moving downstream
  • fishing in the rapids is prohibited!
  • rokastus, i.e. infecting the fish from the outside, is prohibited!
  • fish caught from the outside, salmon and trout without adipose fin trimming, winter trout and undersized fish must be released immediately without looking at the condition of the fish!
  • the boundaries of the rapids area and the conservation area are marked on the terrain with signs
  • we recommend the use of protective glasses!

Aside from angling, herring fishing with a rig and ice fishing (people under the age of 18 and people over the age of 65 have a free lure fishing right), all other forms of fishing (including reel fishing) require paying a fishing management fee. Additionally, the use of several rods and fishing in special permit areas require the water area owner’s permission. Fishing permits are personal. You can pay the fishing management fee (people 18–64 years of age fishing with lures or fixed fish traps) via or at R-kioski (EUR 6 a day, EUR 12 a week and EUR 45 a year).

Minimum fish measurements
In the Helsinki-Espoo fishery area, the minimum measurements for fish are 42 cm for pike perch, 50 cm for trout with the adipose fin removed (60 cm on Vanhankaupunginkoski and the backwater) and 60 cm for salmon. The minimum measurements are subject to change.

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