Rope adventure park, where you can test your skills and courage on 4 children's and 10 adult courses in a total of more than 100 tasks. There are suitable challenges in the tasks for everyone, regardless of age, from the 90 cm tall adventurer.

High tracks

  • the minimum height of an adventurer for the Latva Junior tracks (tracks 1-3) is 110 cm (max. 130 kg). The length requirement for lanes 4-8 is 130 cm, and the recommended length for lane no. 9 is 150 cm.
    Minimum age 6 years (Note! Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult climbing the tracks; 1 adult / max 5 children)
  • difficulty level of tasks: easy / easy / challenging
  • a total of 80 missions and cable slides – 9 different tracks
  • longest cable slide (ZIP line) 100 m.
  • if necessary, an adult can walk the entire distance of the course with the adventurer nearby guiding and helping
    seats for parents and adventurers in the track area
  • the tracks run at a height of 3-15m
  • climbing equipment for adventurers: safety harness, helmet and Smart Belay safety device.


Children's Adventure Forest

A track intended for the youngest in the family (2-5 years).

The track runs at ground level and offers little adventurers something to do while the bigger ones are adventuring in Latvuki.

There are four tasks and four slides on the track.

No safety equipment is used on the tracks.

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